Lounge Act A Tribute to Nirvana

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Lounge Act aims to bring a live Nirvana performance to those fans that either may have been too young, or just didn't have the chance to see one of the most influential bands of all time, NIRVANA, in person. Based in the northern New Jersey / New York City area, Lounge Act was formed in the fall of 2010 by three longtime friends who had a need to play music, and to play the music that they love (and have fun doing it!). Thus spawning the creation of Lounge Act, a band devoted to playing nothing but NIRVANA. Not only did the music of Nirvana help to define an entire decade and beyond, it defined who each of us are as musicians. So to pay tribute to Kurt, Krist, and Dave (Nirvana) in the purest and most genuine form - Lounge Act does Not only focus on the 'poppier' singles that most of the general public remember Nirvana for.... but rather the deeper tracks into the Nirvana catalog that we feel true fans would love to actually have the chance experience live!